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Well I guess you would have to live on another planet not to be influenced in some way by the ‘Donald Factor’. Since becoming president Trump has ruffled more feathers than any of his predecessors.  There is a new trend in the western world which is rallying against globalism with a preference for protectionism. The pace of change in the world today is not only accelerating but at a faster pace than we can sometimes keep up with. Fin tech, robotics, electric cars and the internet of things are just a few realities. Technology is progressing at a relentless pace and this month we look at a few changes we can expect.

Fidelity look at the impact of electric cars over the next 5 years, Goldman Sachs looks at 3 keys risks for 2017, John Hewitson calls on Australia to wake up and Tom Stevenson looks at an inconvenient truth surrounding Donald Trump. 

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