Welcome to the July Newsletter

Clearly the outcome of the election was not quite what the government had in mind when they called the double dissolution election almost two months ago. Both major parties suffered losses in this election which shows an underlying dissatisfaction with the major political parties. This points to a global trend with the Brexit decision and the rise of Trump in the US. People are not happy with the existing system.

Is this a speed bump in globalisation? Are we saying slow down? Is technology moving too fast?

Are we fearing terrorism at home? Or are we xenophobic? They are interesting global trends.

However, we now have the LNP in power until the next election.

Speaking of elections, this month we look at how elections impact the share market.

As investors are still buying investment property with their ears pinned back we have included an article on 8 steps to a smooth property settlement.

As many of us have had our credit cards compromised recently we look at a Superannuation scam courtesy of ASIC. Investment companies are having to change their systems to combat this rising problem.

Lastly, with the Swiss issuing a negative 50 year bond this week (yes you read that correctly) David Thomas from BRIC fame looks at the Australian banking system.


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